About me

My nickname is imqqmi and can be found in many corners of the internet. I've dabbled with electronics and computers since I was a kid, owning an MSX-1, MSX-2 and amiga home computers at different points in time. The MSX introduced me to programming in BASIC, and later also in Pascal and assembly. The Amiga introduced me to drawing programs like Deluxe paint and Personal Paint. More importantly it also introduced me to Lightwave 3D, an 3D animation and modelling package. My first lines of code in the programming language C was written on the Amiga.

Over the years I've built many DIY electronics projects and came accross some limitations for boxes to house my projects in and to fix certain parts to other parts. My skills in wood and metal are limited.

Since november 2014 I've started my journy into the world of 3D printers, a logical step from where I came from. Now I was able to make the stuff I couldn't get from a shop or wasn't exactly the way I wanted. I've learned a great deal building a 3D printer kit, the Prusa i3 rework wood edition. As many kits and knowing it's a technology that's still immature there were many challenges to solve before I've found the print quality acceptable.I've kept a detailed build log with videos and pictures to track my progress and use it as a reference if I come across something I've solved before.

I'm now trying to help others to get the same level of print quality and are struggling with similar challenges that I faced. I can be regularly found answering questions on the reprap.org forums.