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Gluing floppy disk donut to metal hub

May 23 2017
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Repairing a disk by gluing it back to its metal hub will allow you to fully recover the disk but there's a catch: due to misalignment you'll need a special too to do the recovery.

FloppyControlApp can control the floppy drive head stepper motor directly by modding the floppy drive and connecting the stepper motor to the capture hardware. This hardware will now be in full control of the drive head. Using FloppyControlApp you can set the microstepping, a way to tell a stepper motor to make half, quarter, and one eighth steps by carefully controlling the motor coils.

This is needed to get all the data from the glued but misaligned disk. In the video below I demonstrate the whole process of gluing the disk and processing the capture using microstepping. The process of capturing itself isn't covered by this video though but it's basically the same as normal processing, except it takes 8x longer, produces 8x more data.

I usually split the capture up from tracks 000-050, 050 - 050 and finally 100-164.



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